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Hen Houses
in the Upper Clark Fork Valley

Hen houses, also known as hen nesting structures, are a restorative action that provides shelter, and improves nest success for waterfowl.


Hen houses are installed in the winter while the wetlands are frozen over. As seen here, scientists must drill through the ice in the location of the hen house. 

After drilling the hole, a large metal stake is pounded into the ground beneath the wetland. This is the basis of the hen house structure.


Next, the hen house "tube" is attached to the pole. This tube is made up of hay sandwiched between garden fencing. This will provide shelter for nesting ducks.

But, wait! There is more. Hay needs to be stuffed inside the hen house as well. This provides material for the duck to make a nest and keep their eggs warm during incubation.


Watch us install a hen house!

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